Tales from the Rody
What happens when elephants learn they can’t fly.

Here we go…


Look at me (front wheel moving quickly as if I’m learning a two wheeler) I’m a freekin’ blogger! WhoHoo!!

Wow such a feeling of power.. being able to publish my rants and ideas for the world to see. The things I might tell people in a random phone call or in a stupor are now here to read and comment on…   goodness,  where to begin? Well as I read other blogs and get the idea,  here is my blogging agenda for the short term:


Have my blog for my platform.  All things me,  the way I look at it, if I could have entertained you for years on the air… this should do fine.  If you don’t know me that way then consider me just another bandwidth hog with a big butt and a bad attitude.

  • My topics — clearly things I care about. Cuz its all about me so my ‘beat’ will be: Rody,  The Media, The Wurld, DFW. The content of each will be clear when you read them. 
  •  Become the  MO-JO  I always wanted to be.. Mobile Journalist… eyes and ears of the peeps!! No spin, no spell check. I’ll have all the media I can make for you… pics, audio, video, holograms, skywriting, drums what ever I can find a widget for.
  • Become a 2.0 guy… all this web 2.o… imagine.. we barely got 1.0 but its been over a decade so we need a new number I guess. As much as I hate to.. Ill go twitter and flicker and all that… I do draw the line on My Space —  I just cant bring myself to doing that. I like people kinda… not THAT much tho. 
  • Share with you my reinvention and ‘best practices’ on past reinventions.

Thats it… let me twit and flick for a while.. ill be back



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