Tales from the Rody
What happens when elephants learn they can’t fly.

Who needs Wheel when you have the music of the 70’s?

Wow… KTVT-TV did a number on me… all set to eat and watch Wheel of Fortune and following a program change announcement, Wheel of Fortune was pre-empted by an infomercial for Time Life Music — romantic tunage of the 70’s  – – Midnight Blue (Melissa Manchester — beat me out of a job at VH1 years ago. ) Guitar Man (Bread) Love Will Keep Us Together (Capt. & Tenille) You get the idea… hosted by Tony Orlando and some spare…  while the tunes took me back… i rushed to get my credit card!! Only 5 payments of 29.95!!! If I act now, (within 17 minutes) I get free shipping and a bonus CD!!!  

I watched like a wide-eyed zombie for 11 min and while the tunes took me back.. I missed Vanna… the puzzle.. the fun.  Clearly KTVT was kind enought to put Wheel on later (at 10:30) but I cant wait that long to eat.. bad for my blood sugar!! 

Infomercials on TV is like the station getting a part time job… i dont mind but not at 6:30 pm.. play the Time Life stuff later.. I needed my Wheel On! Lucky for me I always carry a spare episoide of COPS for times like these. I hope Tony and the spare got good numbers.. but to channel 11 it wont matter, they got a check!   Way to survive in 09!!!


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