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Anyone call for a cab? Survival Job Idea #1


img_taxiAs times get tougher I wonder why more people don’t drive a taxi for a living. Is there a job available that allows you:


  • Your Own Hours?
  • Variety?
  • Some degree of human contact?
  • Better than standard survival wage.
  • Real Life?

I think NOT! Having expierenced the job in NYC during the IBEW strike and for a year thereafter, I found it a thrill in the Big Apple. Again, this was during the late 70’s and it was NYC! But, looking into the position in Dallas, the taxi rules are different… you actually RENT a cab from a garage for a daily rate (between $30-$45)   Drive it as you want and with a Dallas Taxi Driver permit, you can be on your way to instant cash in your pocket!

Imagine That! CASH MONEY

So, how do you get this going? First a visit to a garage is required. Seems in Dallas you need to secure a ‘contract’  from a cab company of which there are more than a dozen in the city. The contract took me all of 3 minutes to get from my first cab company choice, COWBOY CAB. They ran an ad in The Dallas Observer and never one to ignore low-hanging fruit, I walked away from the garage with a contract in hand, ready for me to get to the next step, the city permit.

Not so fast, buster! In London, cab drivers are a respected lot and the position is coveted. In New York City, the written test is 3 pages long (of locations in NY as well as cab rules of the city) and a background check.   In Big D, the honor of being the first ‘local’ visitors see in many cases, requires a day long class and a test to follow. This test appears to concentrate on city rules relating to cabs and the use of a MAPSCO. I’m wondering if they will let me use a GPS?    

Yahoooo!  All set to schedule my class and feel the road under my feet as the taxi meter sings of profit and savlation! This was going to be great!  Begin the new year with an adventure!  Drivin’  freekin’  cab, man!

But wait. Enter a bit of a snag. This class wont be until March 19!  Well what a buzz kill.

Full coverage of that in this space when it happens. But, not only is this a survival job for your storyteller, it very well may give birth to my MOJO (Mobile Journalist)  aspirations… that next time.


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