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The MOJO as we know it. (Part 1)

The word Mojo refers to a magical charm bag used in hoodoo, and in modern usage may also refer to male sexual potency. The term was made popular as the source of Austin Powers‘ power.


For My purposes, MOJO will stand for Mobile Journalist. Eyes and ears on the street. No assignment desk, no editor,  no style guide. An Observer, a slinger of media: Audio, Video, High Resolution Images and of course amazing, colorful observations.

Let’s see.. what do we need to provide real MOJO service as the media czars see it? Well for one, a need to observe and report. Like a Miss Kravitz except lose the Abner.  Add to that the media ‘ziz’ ya need and you’re all set. Media Ziz? Well, that’s colorful, sweet candy coating on the story. Perhaps its’ a video, some audio, a still pic or just my colorful accounts.  Since my accounts often lack color and my brain loses some of the finer details, I’ll depend on electronic capture gadgets for my tools:

  • Still Cam (Hi-Def)
  • Video Cam (Broadcast Grade)
  • Web Cam (Internet)
  • Live Audio / Video Webcasting 
  • In field editing & media deployment
  • Web 2.0  (flick/twit/blog)

So, thats the MOJO idea: Observe and report from the driver’s seat of a taxi cab. Roaming the city at all hours for the allmighty dollar to feed mother and babies. More Later.

See More About MOJO used in Print:

How MOJO is impacting the Newsroom

What Wiki Sez


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