Tales from the Rody
What happens when elephants learn they can’t fly.

Catching Up…

catchmeLots of activity on the taxi/mojo front… Since last we posted, your storyteller has become a real life, taxi driver in Dallas. With a permit and everything! Nothing like driving a cab in NYC but more on that later..  Getting rolling took a little more time than I thought.. the driving itself began on March 20 but I needed to get my drivers legs on before I got fancy and began mojo activity. Getting the MoJo on meant getting a laptop, broadband, power conversion and the almightly audio/video capture stuff.

I had to use my  “C List Gear” — gear that I may lose totally in the event of an inncident. It still needs to work 100% so after digging and upgrading operating systems, I’m up and running. Kinda.

 If you’re following this as some kind of guide to a survival job for your life.. the most valuable thing i can offer is the lesson I keep learning in this process:  You’re On Your Own.

While the people you’ll run into are fine and only doing thier jobs, don’t expect anyone to go an extra mile… I dunno, maybe I see this because I have not been subject to this mode for decades  (having been living in a bubble for years.) perhaps I have entitlement issues – prob right on both counts, but think for yourself and ASK QUESTIONS and be NICE.

Long story short,  I’m a week in… and to this moment, I have hauled a total of 54 fares.. the average number of people in a fare is 3  (as many as 5  at once, its a van!)

I have not worked quite as many hours as I had wanted but this week is going to be a full one, now that I kinda see the ropes… Highlights included saying bye bye to spring break, final Saturday brought your storyteller many drunk frat bubs and bubbetts.. on lowest Greenville.. no pics taken on the first weekend…  Daytime business had the Mary Kay girls in PINK.. hauling thier powdered faces from the Hyatt Reunion to The Dallas Convention Center… More drunks and cheerful types in Cedar Springs (S4 & JR’s to start) which make for quick work and decent tips… always a funny story, too!

Met some folks who ‘knew’ me… from radio daze… they seem shocked to find me pushing a taxi… thier faces and words show it and I like it… I mean, Id much rather be doing this than playing “Gimmie 3 Steps” one more time but somehow they don’t believe it. More Later.


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