Tales from the Rody
What happens when elephants learn they can’t fly.

The Wired Cab #1

Our first video dispatch from the field finds our storyteller reporting from the taxi stand at a popular Dallas hotel… On this episode also take a guided tour of  The Wired Cab and its MoJo toys. In Color!


5 Responses to “The Wired Cab #1”

  1. The Wired Cab…I lik eit!

  2. whoops…I mean I like it.

  3. wow great site. happy to have met u.

  4. You had a great plan with your mojo concept. You got my interest with that first one. I think you had something going which could be great. You could expand that to interviews with passengers (those who would give you a release… which probably could just be verballyr ecorded) along with narratives and video of events you see (even just quirky street life happenings).

    If you did that for a few months, I think that there would be sufficient material for quite an interesting documentary… might be better than those “taxicab stories” on hbo. Email me and I will correspond with you about some other ideas for it.

    — Polemic

  5. Thank Ye.. I got my HD up now and I plan to do more. Got some distractions while getting my cab legs as it were.

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