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Minority Report: It’s Me. (I’m not sayin’, I’m Just sayin’)

steve_carellA recent conversation with a person in the taxi game in Dallas revealed some numbers, not totally suprising now that I’m almost a month into this – deal with the ethnic breakdown of our little cab driving community.

We were visiting and the topic of ethnics came up… not anyone in particular mind you, but in general. In one taxi garage in Dallas, of the nearly 400 drivers contracted to this outfit, the number of white drivers is able to be counted on a little more than 2 hands. The number is 11.

Let’s all catch our breath and allow this number to be wrong – it’s low to me. I figure it’s well under 10%. The question being, when do you think the job bacame the domain of non-whites?

 My guess is when us semi-professional white guys were making money elsewhere.   Yeah, that might be it.

In truth, I didn’t entertain the idea of pushing a cab until I actually needed something to do.

When I was being some kind of streaming media wizard, I’ll admit, catching a fare to DFW was not top of mind so I guess I answered my own questions.

But now that I am part of that community, I wonder about such things – I’ve listed my other non-professional aspirations in another post -these are genreally cash generating methods and I’m glad to be able to do it. I’m also glad that more dont choose to – makes for a crowded market, indeed. Currently, a white driver with a wise-crackin attitude is a novelty – so I’m told by so many passengers.

Still tho I wonder (I tend to do that too much.)  why,  when there are a fewer and fewer jobs around, why more pople don’t take the wheel of one of these checkered monsters and jump in and mix it up with humanity. Maybe its just me and I should shut up and be glad there is a place for a fool-hearty soul like myself, looking for the next adventure – and a few bucks – cash please. 

Beats cutting fishheads – or doing overnights on an oldie station. OMG, I would be tempted to take the hose!

What’s your next step?


2 Responses to “Minority Report: It’s Me. (I’m not sayin’, I’m Just sayin’)”

  1. I look forward to more of your video blogging. The one you did was very good and it certainly got my interest whetted for more. I do know that there is a steady stream of people stories which come your way when driving a cab. I drove one once in Dallas for a few days. After going to all the trouble to get the license and take the training (I think it was around 1996 or 97) and learning the job, I quit after just getting rolling. It wasn’t that the job wasn’t good or that I didn’t make any money, but some other circumstance presented itself which enabled me to make more money doing my regular work. But, in the short time I did it I garnered many cab stories which I still tell now and then.

    I did learn a few tricks in those couple of days, which I might pass on to you, but you probably know every trick in the book, as the saying goes.

    I will check in frequently to see if another video tale has emerged.

  2. Yes… its a good job for some who need to get called away for other work as I do sometimes. Glad you read it. More to come.

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