Tales from the Rody
What happens when elephants learn they can’t fly.

Where have I been?

i think I have it allWhat a loser. Get a blog up and I leave it for scrap… very sorry to whomever. I’ll be better in the future.

Meanwhile, while NOT communicating as I should I have:

Traveled to The Big Easy 2 times. Searched for beads on the ground, visited and worked at the last Peaches Records store in America and  sweat a lot. Back home, my cab has seen many adventures and fun! New regulars and a new beat! More on that later. I started a Media Mentor program for the yoots of Fort Worth. We have a full HD studio and a wonderful home to train yoots in the art of media flim flam! If you wanna know more about the Media Mentor see  the associated wikispace for program notes. Moving from my home of three 3 years. The Wildlife Habatat chapter is almost over and its very very sad. We move on… the white taxi with MashUps playin is still rollin. As reported, new regulars including new cab stories!!! Only one simple assult on your storyteller and that too is a story I’ll share sometime.

So.. I’ll be in more touch… /pp made me get a facebook so I’m there too. And here is the link to the wikispace for Media Mentor.

Im really going to try and file a video report a week or I’m a crappy ass MoJo ;(

Talk soon.       



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