Tales from the Rody
What happens when elephants learn they can’t fly.

Getting questions…

fight… about the simple assult comment last time. Yes very light weight, just fending off a drunk person who was trying to prove a point. Not being used to anything like that since I was in Our Lady of Perpetual Motion Academy for Boys long long ago. Anyway, no injury but you can imagine how easily this person could have gone nutz and capped me. Or set off a dirty bomb for that matter! Nah, it’s all good and as I gather miles I see more of our underbelly (or overbelly depending on how tall you are.)

I do have a report ready to go.. as soon as I can get this non-tape camera to talk to my ‘puter. This new HD technology! See U soon.


2 Responses to “Getting questions…”

  1. Are you going to update?Just wondering.Actually,I was looking forward to your tales of cabdriving.


  2. one is on the way!

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